About Me...
Faenrir Psychoroid author
Game developer / Game Designer, i've always loved video games since playing with my brother's Amstrad CPC-64. I've since then had Atari-520 STE (upgraded to 1040), Sega Megadrive, (way too much) PC(s), Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox360, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Nintendo GameBoy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo WiiU.

Why this weird name..."Psychoroid"?
Well i wanted a unique name and Paranoid was already taken. The Psychoroid is the name of Cobra's ground vehicle in the "Space Adventure Cobra" manga and anime by Buichi Terasawa.

Why this website...and why now?
Well i feel like i have a big experience in video games since i've been playing since i was a child. I've also seen interesting websites come and go and want to contribute to saving the memory and history of video games...and i feel like i have some interesting angles to share with people. Hopefully you will like my articles and i will help spreading the retro-love!